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How would you react if major retailers laughed in your face at the idea of stocking your product? Quietly walk away and concede defeat? Or believe in yourself and prove them wrong big time? Here’s the story of one beach bum’s inspirational journey from retail rejection to global triumph.

Game on…

Initially just selling his new range of nylon swimwear to his mates and fellow beach bums, Sean soon decided that the next natural step would be to get his brilliant products into the stores of Aussie retailers and surf shops. He began travelling around Sydney and Melbourne, knocking on the doors of retailers, and proudly showing off the natural qualities of the new aussieBum brand.

It didn’t go so good.

All those doors were slammed in his face and nobody bothered to return any of his phone calls.

One particular retailer actually gathered all his staff together to watch Sean’s enthusiastic pitch, but it wasn’t the promising sign that Sean had pinned his hopes upon. It turned out they all just wanted a good laugh at what this guy was trying to sell them.

The retailers felt that nylon-based swimwear was the exact antithesis of what customers wanted right now, and that Sean had disastrously misjudged his potential market.